We want to contribute so that future generations too can experience the infinitely beautiful hunting culture the pointer gives us.

Fiona Dania

New Danish Pointer Kennel

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Under news, you will find everything that happens in Kennel Fiona Dania. Come hunting and come with us at field trials. Join us on our trips – and not least follow along when there are puppies.


Who's Behind Kennel Fiona Danica

Behind kennel Fiona Dania stands Birgit Basballe and Hans Engell.
The two friends met in 2014 for the first time at the Pointer club.

The friendship developed, and Birgit and Hans' interest in the pointer made them good training buddies, and gradually a shared dream grew about creating a new pointer kennel.

"Aesthetics and hunting are for us inseparable elements."
- Kennel Fiona Dania


Fiona Dania in pictures
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our dogs, – at home, – hunting, – touring and trying.
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