Astrup's Fiona

DKK reg. no. : DK01126/2018
Born: January 1, 2018
Color: Yellow-and-white
HD: Free with B/B

Dad: Bird's Agent
Mom: Astrup's Donna


Stylish, large-bodied, strong psyche, independent, teachable, loving, gentle and wise.

Hunting characteristics and temperament

Astrup's Fiona has won the 1st prize in youth class and participated in 2019 in the Swedish Derby final. In addition, she has obtained a 2. per on-use test.
She has achieved Very Good on show and has also passed SJD's apportionment test with the best result.
Fiona is a product of many years of targeted breeding, where a myriad of hunting and usechampions are to be found in the pedigree.
Good genes don't deny themselves, and Fiona shows an incredibly large hunting format. In the most beautiful style, she makes an exemplary search of the field from edge to edge. She exhibits a great hunting understanding and is the preferred dog, whether it be part of partridge hunts, snipe hunting or common forest hunts for pheasants and snipes. She adapts search and speed to the terrain and brings the shot game home with the utmost care. She has an invaluable ability to always have her hunter put in a huntable situation for the game, and she is the best collaborator that can be desired when the hunt goes in!

Fiona has proven extremely effective in practical hunting, both on partridges, snipes and pheasants.

Temperament: Fiona is very accommodating. She is very quiet and calm at home. She shows a lot of autonomy and needs to be trained with care.

Fiona's Merits

Astrup's Fiona looks for a pheasant flying



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Henrys' side
Astrup's Bion Do

Astrup's Bion Do – colloquially Henry, is Birgit's hunting and field test dog. Henry a a very active dog with high intensity and strength.