My hunting interest became vague way back in my early childhood. Even though I was little, the image of hunting days has inculcated itself deep in my mind. The large flock of my family members; – Uncles, aunts, cousins were gathered with grandpa and grandmother during the cold autumn and winter months. The day the hunt went in, on October 1st, was in my family a special day on the same day as Christmas Eve. Dad took time off work... continued

I have had many different hunting dogs, and in addition to the Irish setter, it is the English pointer that captivates me every day.

Henry and Fiona enjoy the sun in the courtyard

My two pointers Astrup's Bion Do "Henry" &Astrup's Fiona, enjoying the sun in the courtyard.

Family hunting with grandpa

Grandpa, dad, uncle Kaj and Magnus with the dogs on the way hunting.

The days of hunting were filled with family teams.
The eager and enthusiastic hunting dogs contributed to the very special atmosphere.
The hunt ended with cosiness around the table with grandma's good farm food, and the talk went across the table, – highly peppered with stories from today's hunting experiences.
These are impressions that have burned in my memory as the ultimate days of happiness of my childhood.

When I was a girl and not old enough to join the hunts, I had to sit inside all day knitting or embroidery with all the other girls.
But my heart was in the fields, in the woods and in the bog, with the men and the boys.
After years of torment and when I was finally big enough, I was allowed to join the last sed. It was an experience that has echoed for the rest of my life.

Family hunting and the dogs going hunting

I would have liked to have been there.

Old daws haretramp

The hare, as I still remember it.

I still remember the image of a hare, which in my eyes was just a stone in the plough field, – but the hare jumped and the shot fell. An apport order was given and the dog apportioned immediately. The experience of man, dog and hunting, – a trinity that came together was what fascinated me most. A new hunter was born!
I carried the hare back to the farm. It was very heavy and almost as long as I was tall, but home it came.
To this day, I can neither knit nor embroidery, but being out in the wild with my dogs in all weathers is the elixir of my life.

As I have traveled extensively abroad and lived in the city, it is only in recent years that I have had the framework to work seriously with hunting and hunting dog sports.
My grandfather had a pointer, and for me it has always been the image of the ultimate hunting dog.
I finally got my first Pointer, Villestofte's Nina. The pointer and hunting are today, together with my work, the centerpiece of my life.
To train with hunting dogs and see the result of hours of training pay off on practical hunting is for me happiness.

Villestofte's Nina

My first pointer Villestofte's Nina in flying style.

Birgit with Tiki and Henry in the office

With you in the office in spinderihallerne.

I also work actively at the Dansk Pointer Klub to communicate the knowledge of the pointer to a larger audience. In 2017 I was asked to design a brand new and modern website for Dansk Pointer Klub. Launched at the Pointerklubben's main test 2018, it is well worth a visit. Here I am now also webmaster and editor, my last work for the club has been to make the club's yearbook, which has received great sales success.

With the start of Kennel Fiona Dania, a long-standing dream comes true. A new chapter in my "dog life" has begun and I look forward to seeing where the journey goes. It's going to be very exciting. 

My Fiona has given her name to our kennel, because she is the one who, with her beautiful style and game finder skills, has fascinated both us and so many others.

We have received a lot of help and encouragement from other pointer kennels who have been available with answers to our many questions. So thank you to Flemming SørensenKennel Fuglede, Anne-Marie Larsen – Kennel Villestofte, Carlo NørtoftKennel SparrowFugldalen and Alex NissenKennel Oksby and not least Sarah Cecilie ClausenKennel Senjas

Astrup's Fiona looks for a pheasant flying

Fiona - from Gaelic, Fionn, white, light. Fair Lady.

"You're never too old to set another goal or dream of a new dream."
C. S. Lewis
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I've been hunting since I could walk.

"When the first snipe I shot was handed to me by my father near Ørnhøj – in my great-grandfather's old hunting grounds – something happened to me."